My feeling of zentai

I like wearing zentai not just only because zentai is smooth, but also I like take photos of in zentai. Today I will show you one of my two photos that took recently, and the zentai is my new, which is a shiny metallic zentai suit with silver and black colors,I get a lot of pleasure when wearing my zentai at home, at the same time, I also feel relaxed when wearing zentai, so I think my most happy time is my zentai time.

Cute zentai outfit for young girls

Most of  teenage girls will like cute outfits, so do you have any good idea s of how to be a cute girl?

If not, just follow me and you can be a cute girl now at once.

You must be think the girl in this picture is cute, you can be as cute as her, but you need a zentai full bodysuit

and a cute hat and clothe, and the colour can be different, maybe a pink zentai suit is ok for you.


Zentai with lolita dress style

Well,do you think the pics above are cute? I think the girl likes a real dool,she is so cute and sweet, I like her zentai with

lolita dress style very much.

People can wear zentai with different styles as they like,ome of them like sexy,cute,cool ect.

Young  girls may like cute style best,like the girl in the pic.

She is wearing a balck full bodysuit inside her lolita dress, which is a creative dressing idea, and

she is showing us a fresh zentai outfit, like it!

Have fun together with zentai

Why zentai is so popular among young people? Because it brings fun to them,do you agree my idea?

You can see people wear their zentai costumes in daily life,and they even wear zentai in public places,such as street,sattion,park and so on,they

are sexy and cool.

More and more people hold costume parties,and zentai is one of the best choice, they may wear different kinds of zentai suits together,then play games,take photoes .

They are so happy,and have fun!

A new way of playing zentai


Zentai is a new way of enhoying your life,why? Sometimes,zentai is funny and interesting,people often wear full bodysuits have fun together,especially at halloween or when they hold a costume party. Like those people in this photo,they are playing games in zentai suits,and it looks they are happy together. What’s more,all of their suits are different,there are red,blue,yellow and so on,we need creative ideas so that have fun in zentai. Acctually zentai is cheap,and more of cheap zentai suits are avalibale in online store.

About zentai materials

What kind of material do you know about zentai suit?Acctually there are saveral kinds,now I would like to talk about some of tham that we are familiar with.

1. Lycra spandex.This kind of zentai is fulls of elastic,normally it is welcomed by dancers and anthelets,it is comfortable and comfornient for you moving,what’s more,you can see out of it clearly.

2. PVC. Some of you may not be familair with it,but pvc is really fashionable,like singers and super stars may choose this kind of catsuit to have show on stage,but it is mot elastic.

3. Latex.Latex is a new type corset fashion material, besides the  fabric elasticity and contraction force are very strong, so is the best material to make zentai, in western countries many classic science fiction movie use latex zentai too.

Riding in zentai is so great

I like riding,but i like riding in my zentai suit best.When i was young i like all kinds of sporting,such as swmming,climbing and so on,after that,i fell in love with zentai,and it is a special suit and convenient for sporting,so i began wear zentai to do some sports.

Do you like my black lycra bodysuits?I am confdence when in zentai,and i have a strong body with good musles.

I hope more and more zentai fans will jion into my riding club,we will have fun here.


Zentai man on the seaside

Cool photo!It is a good idea to play on the seaside in zentai suit,do you think so?He make a cool posture and lay on the seaside,in the summer,the  hot weather makes you feel terrible,so you need to cool down,i guess he is cool and enjoy a good time,and zentai suits can provent him from basking and at the same time the feeling is cool.Besides,there are many people like swmming in zentai and this is a good way of cool as well,and the spandex is the most welcomed material in summer,which is cool enough and convenient for sporting.